Rich Cochrane

Rich has degrees in mathematics and English Literature and a PhD in the Aesthetics of Music (Cardiff, 1996). He has a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Eduction with a specialism in maths. Since 2010 he has worked full-time as a freelance writer and educator in maths and the history of ideas, often simultaneously, including public engagement projects with the Museum of London.

Andrew McGettigan

Andrew McGettigan writes on philosophy, the arts and education. He is the author of The Great University Gamble (Pluto 2013). He has taught and supervised at CSM for over 5 years and launched the CSM Philosophy of Art reading group. He was awarded his doctorate in 2006 from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy. He writes regularly for the UK broadsheet press and has made numerous TV and radio appearances.

What We Do

We teach maths, philosophy and related subjects in various contexts.

We believe anyone can benefit from an encounter with maths however traumatic their experience with it may have been in the past. We like to connect purely mathematical topics with historical, cultural and philosophical subjects that cast interesting light on them, and we believe mathematicians can learn as much from the arts and humanities as vice versa.

This summer we're offering an intensive, week-long geometry course to the general public through Short Courses at Central Saint Martins. The course has been developed in partnership with the BA Fine Art programme and is aimed at introducing artists and other practitioners to Euclidean and non-Euclidean ideas through practical drawing and constructions. No previous experience or mathematical ability is required.

We've also developed two courses with City Lit as part of its summer programme: a day-long session on the maths of puzzles and games and an introduction to ideas in modern maths (offered in two formats). Further courses are planned for the Autumn.

Once a month we meet at the Costa Coffee on the corner of Ramillies Street and Great Marlborough Street for an evening of practical geometry. All are welcome.