Fine Art Maths Centre

The FAMC was established in the School of Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (UAL) in 2014 following a 2013 pilot. It was originally funded by HEFCE through sigma, the centre for excellence for maths and statistics support. It was the first and only centre to have been supported in this way in an arts or humanities setting and with an enhancement rather than deficit model of provision.

  • Unit 7 elective project for second-year undergraduates in partnership with The Photographer’s Gallery
  • Regular workshop courses (typically 10-16 hours) in:
    • Geometry
      • Euclidean geometry
      • Perspective & Projective Geometry
      • Non-Euclidean Geometry & Topology
      • Linear algebra
    • Programming
      • Intensive Introduction (termly, 50+ students this year)
      • Advanced workshops:
        • Build a Twitter Bot
        • Pixel & Image Manipulation
        • Mathematics for Computer Graphics
        • Video practice
        • Working with Arduino
        • Object-Oriented Coding
      • Beginner workshops in digital literacy

Our programming classes mostly use Processing, a variant of Java popular among artists and designers. Most of our students have had no prior coding experience, and a number have gone on to develop advanced skills through their own practice and collaborations with others.

Our approach to mathematics is mostly conceptual, with an emphasis on visualisation and deep understanding rather than calculation.

We have written a textbook for Euclidean Geometry that is freely available on and contributed to Smith Review into post-16 education (which reported last summer)
A previous bid to Nuffield was supported by Marcus du Sautoy & Alison Wolf.

City Literary Institute

the City Literary Institute (“City Lit”) is an adult education college in central London. Our main programme of courses is based in Humanities Department. They are typically 10-12 weeks, 2 hours per week. All courses are taught to mixed audiences with no pre-requisites (though some courses build on others). The courses run on a multi-year cycle so not all courses run every year.

  • Introduction to History & Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Mathematics: Geometry
  • Philosophy of Mathematics: Arithmetic
  • Advanced Philosophy of Mathematics: Gödel
  • History & Philosophy of Calculus
  • Reasoning with Uncertainty
  • Philosophy of Time
  • Philosophy of Space
  • History & Philosophy of Infinity
  • Philosophy with Jose Luís Borges
  • Euclidean Geometry through Drawing
  • Euclidean Geometry in Islamic Design
  • The Symmetry of Things
  • Reason in the Computation Age

Rich also teaches Python and C++ programming in the Business & Technology department, where we are currently developing a programme of Creative Computing in collaboration with the Fine Art departments.

Other Teaching

Coding for Creatives is an adaptation of our introductory Processing course for The Photographers’ Gallery. It usually runs in the autumn and is specifically tailored to artists and designers who want to use code to manipulate images and video.